About Us


Artists Renown International, Inc. strives to create a bridge between artists and fine art galleries by providing the most commonly missing ingredients required for a successful relationship between the two. While acting as an agent and business manager for the artist, ARI provides understanding of the gallery operation with margins and programs that develop gallery profit with turnkey artist contracts.

Artists, in today’s industry, need marketing, organization, documentation, gallery contacts, financial backing and business management to bring their art to galleries in a credible fashion. Creating interest in their art, publishing, marketing, framing, shipping, billing and collection are all overwhelming obstacles to the creative nature of an artist, both new and established, often resulting in artists taking the wrong road to recognition. ARI provides these ingredients with business management, gallery contacts and an understanding of the needs of galleries.

Galleries need proven results to devote valuable wall space, marketing, promotion and display dollars to artists. Visual art is available most commonly through art wholesalers, providing art seen everywhere, without exclusivity, eventually leading to market saturation, which in turn challenges the gallerie’s profit structure. Artists and art wholesalers struggle, sometimes against the gallery for profit, lacking understanding of the galleries retail challenges. ARI makes profit the focus, allowing and encouraging gallery friendly arrangements with the artists by implementing non-competitive support programs designed for gallery success.

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