Artist Submission

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ARTist submission

Artists interested in being represented by Artists Renown International should submit a portfolio for review by our committee.

This should include:


Photos of the artist

Examples of the artist’s work – photos are fine to begin with

Artist’s description of their medium, method and motivation

List of past and present exhibitions

Submitted portfolios will not be returned.

Artists Renown International will only represent artists on an exclusive basis. In order to submit art for review and artist must be prepared to sign a contract with ARI for at least one year on an absolute exclusive relationship. This means the artist may not sell, display, or advertise their art without the express written approval of ARI.

If an artist is accepted by ARI as an artist ARI will:

Create a website for the artist

Design and build frames, displays and marketing material specific to the artist.

Help the artist to create an image, full biography and personality for the development of the artist’s work

Begin displaying for sale the artist’s work in a retail art gallery

Develop a publishing program

Any artist interested in submissions must first fill out a “Pre-submission” form, requesting acceptance to submit a portfolio. Artists accepted may be required to pay for initial framing design and building, website construction and all marketing material in advance and in conjunction with the signing of an exclusive agreement with ARI. This advance may be $25,000 and artists who are desirous of representation by ARI should be prepared to pay this amount before a submission.

please contact us via email: