Glenn Harte

Glenn Harte

Glenn Harte

Co-owner/Founder/Artist Agent/Author

A fine art collector for many years, Glenn attended auctions around the world to buy art and antiques for his own collection. Monthly trips to Atlanta, Palm Beach and New York City intermingled with trips to Prague, Dublin and London to find collectibles became a personal passion. When the opportunity arose to enter the fine art business as a gallery owner, Glenn was enticed to Maui to be a part of one of the most well know art markets for the rich and famous.  His business experience made him the perfect person to represent new talent and soon he became the agent for dozen’s of emerging artists from around the world.  In 2003 he became the sole representative for the art of Anthony Quinn and later he worked with Tony Curtis, Burt Young and in 2006 he began a long relationship with academy award winner Sir Anthony Hopkins. Serving as Hopkins exclusive agent he organized events for him in Maui, Honolulu and Las Vegas.  Today Glenn has been involved in the representation of artists and the sale of art in over 30 countries and has personally worked in the establishment of artist representation in galleries in London, Israel, Scottsdale, Beverly Hills and Disneyworld.

In 2005 and again in 2008, Glenn was awarded 2 separate U.S. Patents for designs for the protection and containment of valuable art during shipping.  These designs became known as “The Floating Crate” and were transferred to what has become one of the largest fine art shipping companies in the world – Museum Choice Crating & Shipping.  Glenn’s vision for a crate to protect valuable art was the foundation for a company that focused solely on the safe and secure shipping of fine art, without damage.  Through the use of Glenn’s patented crates the company has not had a single total loss in over 15 years of business.

In 2012, Glenn penned a road map for the establishment of authentication and provenance for fine art.  Rejecting the long established norms of “Gallery Certificates”, Glenn created a new higher standard for masterwork documentation and third party authentication. Today, Glenn and his son Devon have bought and sold over $20,000,000 worth of fine art, including works by Picasso, Chagall, Miro, Matisse, Salvador Dali, Rembrandt and Albrecht Durer and they continue to oversee the expansion of the worldwide purchasing of museum grade artwork, increasing their Masterworks inventory into the millions of dollars. Together, they have built the gallery of choice for many of the most renowned art collectors in the world, including many Fortune 500 company presidents, celebrities, sports stars and business owners of companies of all sizes.

In 2016, Glenn authored a book about the art of Anthony Quinn. The book entitled, The Prophetic Imagery of Anthony Quinn, discusses in a scientific manner the amazing art of an artist, known mostly for his acting.  Glenn believes that Anthony Quinn may have actually created one of the most important paintings of the 20th century – The Facets of Liberty.  Hidden within its content are at least 10 images that depict the events of 9/11.  Since Quinn executed the painting in 1985 and died 3 months before 9/11 even occurred, the explanation of how this could be possible remains a point of debate.  Glenn’s book seeks a scientific answer and as the book will show, this was not the only painting that Quinn did that were of events, places and people he would never meet and never see.  Articles about the book have appeared in:

The Hollywood Reporter


ArtNet News

Today, Glenn’s focus is on finding emerging talent and bringing the dreams of new artists to life, while managing successful events and exhibitions for the artists he works with everyday.